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Intern/Junior Consultant

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Posted 3 years ago


At Knight and Bishop Consultancy, we transform business ideas into realities. This we achieve by harnessing a team of people who are able to combine deep technical knowledge with their passionate hands-on ability to nurture the desired goals. We provide a very engaging environment with real business situations that provide valuable sought-after experiences about what it takes to run a sustainable business.


What you should expect from our company

Knight and Bishop Consultancy will:

  • Promote an exciting work environment guided by our principles of paying attention to your personal and professional development.
  • Provide a platform for you to build a career path with suitable job growth opportunities in a result-oriented environment and objective performance management.
  • Value diversity and provide equal opportunities

You should:

  • Be an ambassador carrier of our values and vision
  • Recognise change and be desirous of continuous learning.
  • Be very adept as using technology tools to improve productivity and quality of output
  • Be able to provide adequate support and initiatives to senior consultants either physically or remotely.
  • Be a team player with great interpersonal skills.
  • Be articulate both in written and verbal situations
  • Be strong in your area of technical speciality
  • Be aware of the African emerging markets as well as have a worldwide perspective on various emerging opportunities
  • Be totally committed, proactive and work tirelessly to deliver above expectations
  • Strive to be a value-adding leader

Key skill requirements

  • Relevant work experience of between 1-3 years.
  • Research and Industry analysis
  • Process and workflow design
  • Work-plan definition with timescales
  • Knowledge of financial modelling methodologies
  • Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills
  • Strong Data analysis and presentation preparation (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)

Be advised that applicants will be required to undergo testing as part of the interview process for shortlisted candidates.