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Business expansion - ABM

The African Business Management courses are anchored by our partners - ETK Educational UK. The programmes are designed to develop your strategic and leadership skills at various levels which will work in the African Business World.
Available ABM courses

  • ABM Core Africa- Inside Africa [3 days]
  • ABM Core – Outside Africa [3 days]
  • ABM+ Risk Management [3 days]
  • ABM+ Post Conflict Africa [3 days]
  • ABM+ Working in Africa [3 days/online version]
  • ABM+ Human Resource Management [3 days]
  • ABM+ Market Entry Strategy [2 days]
  • ABM+ Project Finance [3 days]
  • ABM + Project Management [2 days]
  • ABM + Agri- Business [3 days]
  • ABM + Exporting Africa [3 days]
  • Executive leadership programmes

Target Audience
Business owner looking to expand to other parts of Africa, Organizations seeking to invest in Africa, Businesses with an existing presence in Africa seeking to improve their operations or gain better understanding of the overall market.

Venue, Date & Fees
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