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Project Management

      • Change Management :– Knight and Bishop has developed substantial change management skills that have assisted in the project management of critical change programs, particularly when the norm has been challenged and new improved methods of work processes are being introduced. Change management principles that build a desired corporate culture centered on internal governance structures and accountability are highly stressed. From top executive management to entry level officers, a mindset and approach of excellence is advocated through a variety of programs and tools that transform the business to a world class player.

      • New Business Set up Services :– Be it a young start up or an international liaison office, Knight and business undertakes to handle the critical stages of business set up by providing appropriate planning, co-ordination and tracking of all critical dependencies towards the realization of the project. It will also ensure that set timelines, budget, resources and execution of the milestones are adhered to. Critical to our work is the monitoring and mitigation of potential risks through appropriate communication mediums. Furthermore Knight and Bishop strongly believes in a purposeful project management process to carry along all stakeholders in the project. 

      • Special projects :– We are able to provide experienced personnel to provide critical oversight and co-ordination of activities on behalf of businesses where objectivity, time management and standards are of the highest importance. A robust work program and early detection of issues through escalation mediums will ensure all stakeholders and continuously carried along on all aspects of the project. Our project management experiences spans market segments and geographical spheres across West Africa.