Human Resources Management

Capacity Building and HRM Outsourcing

“People” they say are the greatest assets of a business. Under our Capacity Building service we strive to make this a reality by building the capacity of the people who drive the business. We identify the critical competency requirements for all positions and ensure individuals charged with responsibility adopt a continuous learning approach toward self-improvement and level of exposure. Knowledge transfer is coordinated via special mentorship programs and properly structured succession planning strategies.
Further more we support organization who desire to outsource the administrative elements of Human Resource. We leverage technology to ensure HR processes and policies are well maintained and followed.

International Exchange Programs

We provide a variety of placement programs across different disciplines in collaboration with our International Partners (ETK Consulting) under the auspices of their African work Experience program which is DFID supported. Your business is able to benefit from this program if you require bright student Interns (MBA’s from local and Internationally recognized universities), post study work experience employees or just seasoned professionals on a project specific need basis. This is a great opportunity for your business to harness the expertise and international exposure of these talents within your own local domain whilst also providing a truly African work experience for the talents to produce customized solutions to your business challenges.

Placements and Recruitment

We have a continuously updated database of skilled candidates to fit a wide variety of positions both for executive placements as well as junior to management levels. We conduct our recruitment service in order to select the best fit for the role you desire by screening, testing and evaluating for all the required competencies the role requires.

Performance management

We design objective and enhancing performance management frameworks that cut across Financial, Customer, Learning/growth of its employees and internal business processes metrics. Our approach here draws strongly from the strategic vision of the business and seeks practical ways of measuring the business performance in achieving them. We believe strongly that a business must be able to see clearly where it is heading and position to identify the drivers for continued future performance in our ever changing and dynamic environment so as not to leave its destiny to the whims of the business tide.

Looking to Outsource your Human Resource Administration?