Business Edge (IFC developed business skill methodology)

Knight and Bishop Consultancy is a certified IFC Business Edge trainer and delivers this impactful business training aimed particularly at growing businesses. The methodology is novel and has been adopted in various continents across the world. The curriculum is constantly being updated with market specific curriculums.

African Business Training (ETK developed methodology)

Knight and Bishop Consultancy is delighted to offer this innovating training curriculum which seeks to transfer knowledge with particular emphasis on the African terrain. There are also a variety of platforms through which this training is delivered particularly leveraging online and mobile technology so as to ensure accessibility by a wide range of beneficiaries across various markets segments.

Business Skills

We offer a wide range of business skill training courses ranging from Business Process Management (BPM), Finance and Accounting in business, Marketing and Sales skills, Customer centric orientation Services, Business Etiquette and Ethics, Performance Management, to Enterprise Governance and Business Strategy. Our training curricular are targeted at both large Corporate Organizations with a large number of personnel as well as young businesses with limited work experience personnel. Our faculty draws on quality personnel with varied practical experiences who deliver the training in a hands on manner. Contact us for further details of our various training programs, which can also be customized to suit your preferences.

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